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Your special day will come and go but your memories of Ponies for Parties will last forever.

what we do

We provide a tailored service with professionalism that will help you create the best experience for your party, fete, or what ever the function. This is what makes us different from the rest!

Did you know we are owned and operated by “Gforce Equestrian Services Pty ltd”"? Look on our link to see what Gforce Equestrian Services offer.

birthday parties

Ponies for Parties has a team of six various sized and coloured ponies available to ensure we can send you the right ponies for your child’s birthday party.

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corporate functions

Our ponies have been selected and trained especially for the public environment and all have friendly natures, good manners and respect for their handlers.

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fetes and fun days

Pony rides are most effective if charged per ride with tickets being sold at a stand or dedicated point and collected by you upon mounting the pony.

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meet the ponies


“Our aim is to always separate us from the carnival image so often associated with pony rides by providing a professional service which will be the highlight of your special event and remembered for years to follow”.

Our mission is to deliver the best ponies backed by well trained staff and a professional business practice with outstanding experience that will ensure your special day is a highlight which will always be remembered.

With the assistance of horse whisperers, breakers, equine dentists, equine chiropractors, an equine masseuse and over 19 years of experience with training ponies for the party or public situation Ponies for Parties now delivers the most professional and reliable pony riding service in the Sydney Greater Metropolitan region, Wollongong, Newcastle and the Central Coast and now in the Armidale region.

Bryce Chapman started taking ponies to birthday parties and fetes as part of his Kindifarm team in 1992. Having a pony as a child growing up on a farm Bryce understood how much fun a pony can be and more so how important they are in giving our children an experience which involves real life motor skills that stimulate all the senses and promotes outdoor activity, fitness and health.

As Ponies for Parties grew over the years with the expert pony husbandry and training the service has established itself as the leader in the industry by developing a stable of the highest quality ponies available.

NEW OWNERSHIP! Gail Traynor now owns the business, She met Bryce and Fiona many years ago through Pony Club where their daughters attended and became good friends. She bought the business from Bryce in January 2014 after a long period of looking and learning how the business operated.

Agisiting her many horses and ponies at Bryce’s property on the northern beaches for the last few years enabled her to see how Ponies for Parties worked, it was a natural progession for her to buy the business as her professional approach to horses and business was very much along the same line as Bryce and Fiona’s.

Her goal is to continue to grow the business with the utmost professionalism in both ponies and staff.
She brings a life long experience with our equine friends. She lived on acreage since 2006 in Terrey Hills where she kept her many horses and ponies and ran her equestrian business.  She held many pony parties for her two daughters Madison and Serena and their friends who now help me in the business.

She has been involved with horses all her life and she thinks they are extraordinary animals that can help heal and bring such pleasure to us humans.

We now have 10 great ponies to choose from many different heights, colours and personalities, not to mention our two wonderful donkeys Diablo and Carlo.

PONIES FOR PARTIES ARRIVES IN ARMIDALE ……Gail has now moved to Armidale with her daughters who are now attending NEGS the equestrian high school.

She has bought 25 acres 10 minutes east of Armidale where she  is setting up an equestrian services business, Gforce and Ponies for Parties.  Ponies for Parties will now service Armidale and the surrounding regions North, South East and West.

The Sydney business still operates out of the Northern Beaches and Gail travels back and forward, training staff and ponies.

We love our ponies and know after one of our visits your children will love them too.

Your special day will come and go but your memories of Ponies for Parties will last forever.

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