Name: Sunny
Age: 7
Breed: Welsh Cross
Height: 12 hands
Colour: Chestnut with flaxen main and tail

Sunny always greets us with a whinny when we go to her paddock and she is great running over to us from the farthest corner of the farm to say hello, and saving us a long walk.

Sunny is a very solid pony and is physically extremely fit and strong which means she is suitable for small and medium/large children and is also great for longer days at fetes in addition to parties.

Sunny is currently also used by our nephew for pony club which he attends twice a month winning many ribbons and developing into a great little rider. This also means that she is a very much loved part of our family who we trust a great deal.

Sunny loves nothing better than heading off to a party or fete to tuck into a long day of riding and excitement.